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Integrative Approach to Healing?

In this method of practice,
Dr. Feldmann combines both modern and traditional medicine, while emphasizing the importance of diet and lifestyle in overall well-being.
This approach is Patient centered rather than disease centered.
The goal is to promote optimal function and improve overall quality of life.
What is FM?
Dr. Feldmann evaluates how cells function, repair and maintain themselves. These processes are related to larger functions in your body, including:


Hormones production and balanced


How cells interact with nutrients

Neurotransmitter balance

Immune system function

Inflammatory responses

The role of genetic makeup and how it impacts biochemistry


Functional Medicine Work?



The Functional Medicine Consultation is the first step in a long term process (typically at least one year) of comprehensive care.
The initial evaluation will last 90 minutes, depending on your health situation and laboratory testing required.
Your first visit will be a meet and greet opportunity where we establish your goals and expectations.
This visit is designed to assist you in deciding whether functional medicine and her team is a good fit for you.This includes:
  • An evaluation of environment influences on genetic expression

  • Nutritional influences on genetic expression (nutrigenetics)

  • Nutritional influences on metabolic functions (nutrigenomics)

  • Metabolic derangements resulting is system failures (metabolomics)

  • Transgenerational influences on gene expression

  • Psychological & mind-body influences on systems biology functions and genetics

  • If applicable, a personalized genetic evaluation

Once this evaluation is complete, a personalized nutraceutical, dietary and if indicated an evidence based herbal regimen will be created for you. The above will be in accordance with principles outlined through the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, The American Board of Physician Specialties and The Institute for Functional Medicine.
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