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Welcome to our

Medical Supervised  Weight Loss Program

(FDA approved weight loss medication)

8 Week Plan includes:

  • Medication: from a compound pharmacy. 

  • Supplies to self inject.

  • Teachings: how to inject and how much

  • 3 Coaching appointments: we will guide you through the journey. 

Price: $800

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this covered by insurance? No, This is a cash base only program. 

  2. I am diabetic, can I do it? Only if you are diabetic Type 2 and not taking Insulin. 

  3. I am 80y old,can I do it? No, it is restricted to 75 y old. 

  4. What are the contraindications? Thyroid cancer or family history of it. 

  5.  How can I avoid losing muscle ? You will have some dietary guidance. 

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