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Anti-Aging Testimonial

"I wanted to share my progress because it has been a year since I started the longevity class with Dr Luz. Since then, I have lost 20.6 pounds. I feel great and I continue to maintain lifestyle changes. 


But weight has not been the only change. I got my labs recently and saw much improvement.




My cholesterol and triglycerides improved significantly and one marker I am excited about was the C-reactive protein high sensitivity (CRP-hs) which was reduced from 4.45 last time it was checked in 2018 to 1.81 in 2023. The higher your levels of CRP-hs the higher your levels of inflammation tend to be.


I continue to work on other markers and making other lifestyle changes. People tell me how great I look which is awesome to hear but most importantly I feel much better than a year ago today."

~ Sandra R. 

Dr. Feldmann is the type of physician that will utilize functional medicine to get to
the root of your pain.

Live your life to the absolute fullest

With a root cause medicine approach, Dr. Luz A. Feldmann can work on finding solutions to - often ignored - health concerns.

She strives to get to the underlying causes of chronic disease and addressing them in order to restore health. 





Do you feel overwhelmed?

Are you feeling wired?

Do you feel anxious or depressed?

Do you feel unwell, but all your test results keep coming back normal?

Are you not always in control of your emotions?

Dr. Feldmann helps patients manage pain in a holistic way to avoid being dependent on narcotics.
Healthy Cooking

Healthy Eating

Integrating Functional Medicine, homeopathy, different diets and tools to finally conquer a sustainable and healthy weight loss at the same time becoming healthy.


We all need help staying on track,

sometimes we don’t even know

which track we should be on! 


A good anti-aging program can help detect, prevent, and reverse degenerative conditions like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, autoimmune disease and glaucoma. 

Smiling Young Woman


Fibromyalgia is a common and chronic syndrome that causes bodily pain and mental distress.


This condition can be hard to understand, but medications, therapy, and lifestyle changes can help you to manage your symptoms and to improve your quality of life. 



I have been seeing Dr. Feldmann for over 5 years. The first thing she did which impressed me was...she listened to me! She let me tell her where my pain was, its severity and what I wanted her to accomplish. Then she asked me questions about other health issues I had so she could put together the best treatment plan for me. The results achieved since seeing her? We have been able to reduce my dependence on opioids by 75%, giving me back my life again, pain free.

—  Patient. April 14th, 2020
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